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attacker. >> mr. speaker, i'm not an anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country, the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. >> reporter: and diane, take a look at this picture that the obama campaign sent out. it is from four years ago, in oxford, mississippi, then senator obama preparing for his first presidential debate against john mccain. both candidates right now, mitt romney and barack obama, no doubt, very nervous. i'm nervous, just looking at that picture. diane? >> okay, jake. i will see you tonight for the big event. and i want to bring in co-anchor of "good morning america" and anchor of "this week," my co-anchor tonight, george stephanopoulos. such a night after this long road. what are these two men thinking right now? >> reporter: probably exactly the same thing. tonight, don't take the other guy's bait. play your game. but there is more pressure on mitt romney tonight. you look at the polls right now, he's behind nationally, probably behind even more in the battleground statements. he needs a circuit
. >>> and the weather was finally perfect in new mexico, allowing felix baumgartner to pull off his death-defying skydive. it was a 4:20 free fall. everyone watching was holding their breath. >> my stom match was up here. he shattered all kinds of record. he became the first skydiver to break the speed of sound. ryan owens has more on fearless fel felix. >> reporter: he began his improbable journey to the edge of space. for 2 1/2 hours, the 43-year-old austrian skydiver floated to 24 miles up. 128,000 feet above the new mexico desert where he opened his capsule, hung his feet out the door. was reminded to remove his seat belt. saluted. and just jumped. he plummeted at 833 miles per hour. so fast, the only way to see him was this infrared camera. the first human to break the sound barrier with just his body, no yet, no rocket. he tumbled out of control for a few tense seconds then righted himself and managed to make a sound. it was enough for mom. high winds delayed liftoff last week. nothing, it seemed, could keep him from the stratosphere. he returned to earth on his feet, with a record
are about to take a pounding. and this hail in new mexico is just one sign of what's to come. >>> slow ride. thousands line the streets of los angeles as the space shuttle "endeavour" moves to its retirement home. it's a 2-day, 12-mile trip, costing $10 million. we're live this morning, showing you what it takes to move a spacecraft when it's here on earth. >>> the bridal bandit. caught on tape. police are looking for a woman accused of ripping off a wedding gown worth 5 grand. and wait until you see who she has with her at the time. >>> and love lessons. taylor swift talks about her relationships past and present, in her most candid interview yet. what does she really think of john mayer? and did she really kidnap a kennedy? the country darling opens up. >>> do you want to repeat that on-air, dan, what you just said? >> i'm getting abused here. >> this is my jam is what dan harris said. >> even news anchors get a little emo at times, people. >>> with three days until the next presidential debate, team obama is soliciting celebrity help this morning. what role will bruce springsteen and mor
the new mexico desert. the plan, years in the making, is astounding. felix baumgartner will try to make a supersonic, stratosphere jump, from 23 miles high and breaking the sound barrier with speeds of 700 miles per hour. baumgartner, an austrian p paratrooper says he is ready for the challenge. >> it's almost here. this is my biggest dream. we're one step closer. and i'm almost there. i feel good at the moment. >> reporter: along with baumgartner's nerves of steal, the mission requires cutting-edge equipment. he'll strap on a special helmet, get into a pressurized suit and liftoff from roswell, new mexico. it will be hoisted by a balloon with 30 million cubic feet of helium. its skin much thinner than a ziploc baggy. it's so huge, i'm would cover 40 acres if laid flat. the ride up will take close to three hours. and then, the sky blast and the open site, the moment of truth. >> that one step forward, you know, is an important step because you know you're coming home. you're going back to a very healthy environment again because you've been in a hostile environment for so many hours. >>
daredevil getting ready to dive from the edge of space. we're live from roswell, new mexico. they've just now given the weather clear. ginger zee has done a lot of crazy stuff for the sake of this broadcast. this is her next thing. what do you think? >> right after felix does it. we'll see how it goes first. >> he's setting the bar high. >> that's the proper attitude of caution. >>> who says becoming a parent means giving up any daredevil indulgences? we'll introduce you to one dad who satisfied his need for speed with this souped up stroller. his plans may surprise you. peter, i hope you're not watching. >>> we're going to switch gears here. beginning with the breaking news out of colorado and the hunt for a child predator. police are investigating an attempted abduction overnight, this latest incident following the disappearance and murder of 10-year-old jessica ridgeway. no word if there is a connection yet. an entire community is on edge. authorities are creating a profile of a killer on the loose. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: in a community already on edge, another atte
. that is mexico. this area has earned the nickname cocaine alley. today for the agents at this station, this is a place of mourning. it is remote, dangerous, and deadly. here, early this morning on this dusty stretch of land where arizona meets mexico that three border patrol agents were fired on. one made it out safely. another was shot twice and expected to recover. the third agent, 30-year-old nicholas ivy, was shot dead. >> we suspect this is probably some type of narcotics trafficking event that these agents encountered but at this time, that would be speculative. >> reporter: it was just before 2:00 in the morning when something triggered one of the many motion sensors on the border. essential source automatically alert the nearest border patrol office. when they desect a certain weight, whether it's a smuggler, an illegal crosser, or a large animal, border patrol agents have to come out and investigate. the three agents headed 24r50e miles north of the border. as they headed up a hill, someone fired right at them in what is being described as an ambush. they work in the station
been traced to this factory, sunland inc., in new mexico. >> all the illnesses investigated are related to the peanut butter products from the one plant. >> reporter: sunland sells raw and roasted peanuts and makes peanut butter for brand at trader joe's, whole foods, wal-mart, target, kroger and costco, barbara purchased her peanut butter before the was pulled from store shelves. she is still awaiting salmonella test results and is certain peanut butter got her sick and worries more are at risk. >> i have been feeding this peanut but tire my dogs, i mean, seriously this is a big deal. i mean my friend has six grand kids. she didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: you can find the list of recalled product on the fda website. meantime, sunland inc. closed down facilities during this investigation. rob, paula. >> thank you, brandi. get this, almost 2/3 of those who became ill were kids under age of 10 years old. having that impact on the very young. >> you think about who consumes the most amount of peanut butter it is children. and i also consume a lot of peanut butter as well. this
down in september while walking to high school. think new mexico reported robbery could play a role in killer.find his -- think and unreported robbery helpingay a role in find his killer. it is possible the same committed both crimes. the first looking for victim. ona story you will see only 7. a security guard will ended at research council is getting some recognition. was honored by the keep for his efforts to that situation from turning tragic. has more in this interview with a guard. i asked him if he was frightened when the man tried to way into the family research council. johnson said even though he was able toore he was man, he was reacting situation. he was never afraid. today, he was honored in a ceremony and given the city's medal of honor. family and extended family escorted him to the ceremony, they could not say enough. >> he is great. i taught him well. >> i am proud of him. he is a good young man. >> august 15, at this alleged tried to shoot his way the family research council johnson worked security. he did not let the opposition to marriage. shot and johnson, but h
. investigators have traced the trouble to sunland incorporated, a peanut butter manufacturer in new mexico that sells products in grocery stores across the country. the list of recalled peanut butter products is 101 items long, and now includes nut butters made with almonds, cashews and sesame seeds. and it gets worse. companies like the oregon ice cream company and fairytale brownies, which used the recalled nut butters to make cookies and other baked goods, are now recalling their products, too. >> people have been getting sick over the last month and because there is often a two-week delay or so in the reporting time, we expect to hear about cases for the next week or two. >> reporter: we should make clear that none of this affects jif, skip by or other main brands. today, we talked with the managers at that peanut butter company in new mexico. they told us they test their product every half hour, that their peanut butter is safe and that is tiillnesses are a myste. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> and you can find a full list of all the recalled peanut butter brands at
mexico. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. boy, was this something to see or what? think everyone was holder their breath. i'm not much of a numbers guy. 833 miles an hour. that's how fast he was going. some 100 miles an hour faster than he thought he would. more than enough to break the sound barrier, and the record. it took that capsule with the daredevil known as fearless felix aboard 2 1/2 hours to reach the edge of space. dangling from a 55-story balloon, the 43-year-old soared above the new mexico desert, four times higher than most passenger jets fly. on the way up, he hears a single voice. 84-year-old joe kittinger. >> okay, here we go. >> reporter: the only other man who knows what it's like to free fall from high up. >> okay, felix, it gets serious. >> reporter: kittenger tells him it's time to open the capsule door. >> there it is. >> reporter: his legs are dangling out. he's slow to respond to commands. >> okay, do you read me, felix? on the communications? >> reporter: finally a thumbs up. he disconnects from the capsule and puts his hands on t
peanut corporation in new mexico they make peanut butter, sunland, trader joe's, harry and david and sprouts and the brand at target. >> all the illnesses investigated are related to peanut butter products from the plant. >> reporter: the company says to look on the side of the jar if the best if used by date, between may 1 and september 24, 2013. throw it away. what yoifr family has -- what if your family has gone through half of the car, what are the signs? >> high fever, stomach cramps, dysentery which can show up in one to three days. we spoke to families of children who got sick, they tell us stories of 103 degree fevers that may have last ford days. they were shocked to realize it may have started with their peanut butter. >> go to our website, abc news,.com, to get more information on particular brand. i have trader joe's in my cabinet. it's not the valencia peanut butter. still hesitant to eat it. it's not that particular style of peanut butter. >> some times you find out into it, include this brand, this brand. better, chuck it. wait till it subside and go back to the nu
tracking program known as fast and furious. with dozens more firearms being linked to crimes in mexico. guns connected to fast and furious have now been recovered at the sites of murders, kidnappings and at least two brutal massacres. >>> there are reports at the airports. in the past two days, loaded guns have gotten past tsa agents. >> reporter: in the latest black eye for tsa, a loaded .38 caliber gun like this went undetected by screeners. richardson mistakenly 234r50u with it from new orleans to newark. just one day earlier in orlando, they missed another loaded gun. this time in a firefighter's carry-on bag. that gun made it on to the plane. >> it's scary. >> i am voiced they missed something like that. >> reporter: some in congress worry this has all become business as usual. >> unfortunately, the reports i get, it's not just this one weapon. it's hundreds of items every day, but it can't be tolerated. >> reporter: but out for the record on security, the tsa says it had many successes, confiscating 1100 weapons. 28 guns just last week alone. still, it's all the blunders. many sa
killed and another injured. the department of homeland security said it happened in a shooting near the u.s.-mexico border. agents or on horseback at the time patrolling. was a third agent not injured. federal agents have not released any details on the possible shooter. also, a developing story in montgomery county. pepco is working to get two traffic lights back on after power outages knocked out two dozen lights around rockville pike around 8:00 this morning. the outage blamed on t downed power pole. 700 people without power at the peak. 400 customers still waiting for the power to be restored. the focus right now is getting the traffic lights in service. problems from the rain this morning, this is an ambulance flipped over on 270 near urbana. brad bell sent this picture moments ago. we are still gathering information on any possible injuries. we don't know if a patient was. inside at the was -- we don't know if a patient was inside at the time. it's been a dreary day across the area. looking at the capitol right there. we could see more rain before the day is over. we have a clear shot of the
north of the mexico/arizona border. mexican officials arrested two men as investigators look into whether ivie was shot by a fellow officer. his family is struggling to cope with the loss. >> we've been so preoccupied with the grief of the loss, we really haven't had time to be angry at anything. it is what it is. it won't bring nick back. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano heads to arizona today to express condolences and meet with investigators. >>> syria has apologized for an artillery strike on a turkish town that killed five people. but escalating fears of a cross-border war have sparked demonstrations in turkey. outside the parliament building, riot police used tear gas and water canons to break up anti-war protesters. >>> firefighters are struggling to contain a wildfire threatening about a dozen homes in washington state. the fire, which is being fueled by bone-dry conditions quickly scorched 150 acres about 40 miles from seattle. some people in the town of shelton were forced from their homes. officials say no part of that fire is contained just yet. >>>
yesterday had to be postponed because of some high wind at the new mexico launch site. the balloon that carries baumgartner into the stratosphere is so delicate, it can only take flight if wind were 2 miles an hour or below. so, stay tuned. >>> and in baseball's playoffs, the road to the world series, it was a night for staying alive. the as got off on the right foot. scoring a run in the first inning in their game against detroit. added another in the fif tth. home run in fact by smith, and that was enough. and the as stay alive with a 2-0 win. detroit lead the best-of-five series 2-1. >>> in the national league's only game yesterday. san francisco stayed alive against cincinnati. they won 2-1. the red lead the series, 2-1. and there are games in all four playoff series set for today. so if you are a baseball fan this is your favorite time of year. >> exactly. >> getting done to the nitty-gritty. >> right. this is my favorite time of year. >> really? >> the holidays. it is officially time to start getting ready for the holidays. simply because neiman marcus is out with its over-th
to speak out against the u.s. involvement in the vietnam war. former new mexico governor bill richardson spoke today about mcgovern's impact on our country. demi -- >> very sad. i think he will be remembered for his contributions on agriculture, on hunger, and then the democratic party. he transformed the party, the primary system, getting minorities involved. >> most people remember mcgovern for his run for president in 1972 against president richard nixon. among the missteps in his campaign, mcgovern was forced to dump his running mate thomas eagleton after it was learned he had a history of psychic -- psychiatric problems. nixon won by a landslide. mcgovern ran again in 1984 but dropped out because of poor primary showings. his words from that campaign still resonate today. >> the question is not -- are we better off than we were four years ago? the question is -- where will america be four years from now? [applause] what is the american future? what kind of america do we want to be? >> mcgovern helped transform the democratic party nomination process and to what it is today. he scale
cheetos probably the biggest problem we have. >> reporter: another teacher in new mexico st. implord parents not to let their kids bring them to school. >> i don't have her bringing a family size bag, i know she'll eat them all railroad they it contains 26 grams of fat and contains a quarter of the sodium you're supposed to eat in the entire day. and it's sodium, also known as salt, that has nutritionists increasingly worried. >> if i were to say is there a lot of sodium in the food that you eat would you have any idea what i'm talking about? >> yes. >> yes. >> a lot of my food has soy sauce. >> reporter: most adults have 2300 milligrams in day about a teaspoon but researchers found adults and children are consuming on average an alarming 3400 milligrams of sodium a day, about a third more than they should. and salt is found in a lot of places much less obvious than a bag of chips. bread, salad dressing, most of the items in the frozen foods aisle, even ice cream. >> it's in the like kids are picking up salt shakers, this is in their lunch meat, for example. >> and in a lot of food y
miles above the new mexico desert. in the first seconds of free fall, the broke a record, human tothe first break the sound barrier without vehicle. he reached speeds of 833 miles per hour. is being called a space pioneer. taking it is still now.n for >> still so many emotions right now. thatave thought about many times, what will like and what will it like and it's much greater than i anticipated. they will study all the data d pressurespecialize suit. the nextusher in of space suits if it held up well. >> amazing. former reality tv star and onetime white house party michaele salahi is now engaged. her manager says that her boyfriend neal schon, a guitarist for the group journey, proposed. him awayun off with her husbandband and missing at one .ime, a while back >> a mother serving prison time her steps sonof andrew by making him the 22 tablespoons of salt. her husband and children will join in on the discussion as well, on "katie" this afternoon. join in on the discussion as well, on "katie" this afternoon. >> still ahead, jacqu david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryl
the sound barriers, heading up 23 miles to capture it. and then he will jump out over the new mexico desert. he hopes to reach speed, get this, 690 miles an hour. >> a lot of conditioning goes into this. physical, mental, emotional. i just don't know how you survive something like that, going 990 miles an hour. >> it's we're not built to go that speed. >> i don't know how he's doing it. >>> also, another thrill seeker is at it again in new york city. david blaine is spending three days in the middle of a million volts of electricity. the only thing reflecting that is a chain-built body suit. >> blaine fascination with electricity, as well as a human plasma ball. this is interactive. fans can control the amounts of electricity zapping him with the touch. >> i hope he doesn't have any enemies or disgruntled ex-wives out there. are you kidding me. >> from the free fall to the electricity. we're getting. >> reporter: boring. >> we've been boring a lot so -- man. >>> well, the old ball and chain may not be bad after all in. looks like hauling around your better half can pay off. >> couples all o
along the mexico/arizona border on tuesday. nicholas ivie, a husband and father of two children. cecilia vega is there along the border. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: josh, good morning. this is one of the famous drug trafficking corridors. for that reason, investigators suspect what happened to agent ivie could be connected to narco trafficking. just three miles from the u.s./mexico border remains a crime scene. the land so rugged, so steep, helicopters have joined the federal officers hunting for whatever killed border patrol agent nicholas ivie. >> nick ivie died in the line of duty. >> reporter: two others on patrol with ivie made it out alive. one agent was shot twice but is expected to survive. another, uninjured. this dangerous stretch of border is known for human trafficking and drug smuggling. the flow of drugs is so pu pervasive, traffickers called it cocaine alley. border patrol agents are remembering one of their own. while his wife mourns her husband, and father of two young daughters. >> he adored his children. loved his wife. wife loved him. it was all about his fami
, baumgartner reached a maximum speed of get this, 833.9 miles an hour during his jump over the new mexico desert. that amounts to mach 1.24. faster than the speed of sound. baumgartner has said the stunt changed his perspective. >> when you stand up there on top of the world you become so humble. it's not about -- breaking records anymore, not about getting scientific data, it is all about coming home alive. >> his poor mother. because of the pressurized space suit, baumgartner didn't feel the rushing air or hear the loud noise he made when he did in fact break the sound barrier. >> incredible footage there. lucky guy. man, applause in the background. well-earned guys. >>> mission accomplished for space shuttle "endeavour," reaching its final resting spot in the city of angels. after zooming through space, 25 times, "endeavour" inched its way from lax to california science center. and just a paltry rate of 2 miles an hour. hundred of trees in fact had to be cut down. traffic signals moved to make way for the massive wing span. "endeavour" arrived to a cheering crowd more than a half day b
homecoming. a man's best friend lost on a camping trip in new mexico find his way home to texas after two long months. how romeo inspired a little love from coast to coast. >> good for romeo. >> hmm. >>> new details on the foiled plot to blow up the federal reserve. >> the suspect used facebook and social media to find like-minded terrorists what he found was an undercover fbi with more from our sister station wabc. >> reporter: surrounded by cameras, quazi ahsan nafis' lawyer had not much to say. nafis is 21 years old but already the feds say a committed islamist terrorist. in court arraigned on charges of providing material support to a terrorist group, al qaeda. and the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction after parking a van loaded with what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb in front of the federal reserve building in lower manhattan. officials say he want to a room in nearby millennium hotel and used a cell fun to try to detonate the bomb. the feds rendered the bomb inert, they swooped in and arrested him. >> he was acting alen and inspired by radical islamic fundamentalists
with the murder of a u.s. border patrol agent in arizona. the man arrested in mexico. nicholas i.t. was shot early tuesday morning while responding to a sensor that went off near the border. -- nicholas ivey. he died and two other men injured. daryl hannah arrested while protesting a proposed oil pipeline i. they stood in front of construction equipment in an attempt to stop the work. she is a longtime environmental activist. correct the curiosity rover is about to collect a sample of sand from mars. it will dig into the stand tomorrow. then it will shake vigorously for eight hours. the purpose to vibrate the sand is to cleanse it of any unwanted debris. this will happen three times. on the fourth time this and will go through complex chemical analysis. a perfect man is upset over a possible shortage of the pumpkin spice latte. >> and how risky is it to buy things from your cell phone as opposed to your computer? let's check in with linda bell. >> with millions of people armed with smartphones, buyer beware. fraud accounts for 1.5% of all mobile phone payments over the next five years. it may not
police. >> a developing story along the u.s.-mexico border. police have arrested two men with possible ties to the shooting death of a border patrol agent. no word on a motive in that attack. >> to an update to a story we brought you first on seven. the national park service has now drained the reflecting pool. this is less than two weeks after we discovered algae growing on the water. it is not supposed to happen after that multimillion-dollar renovation. we are on the national mall with where we go from here. >> the reflecting pool is now empty. workers are still here on the scene housing is down, making sure all the best analogy is god. it will be two or three weeks before it is refilled. this was touted as a landmark green project, no chemically treated city water. they have been shoveling and plowing, but it is only october. and there is no snow. >> it is unbelievable. >> a month after the rebuild reflecting pool was reopened, and two weeks after we read the first to show you the algae invasion the national park service has trained all 4 million gallons. officials blame it on not
of 690 miles an hour on the way down to the new mexico desert. it's slated for tuesday. we'll let you foe what happens. >>> when we come back though to another daredevil, the latest death-defying feat from david blaine. just what is he doing and why would he let perfect strangers zap him? copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects i
, plunging from a balloon 24 miles above the mexico desert, reaching speeds well over 700 miles an hour. had if you harrowing moments quickly.bilized >> i started spinning so violently. was trying to find out how to putting one arm out and then the other arm out. you don't feel the air at all with the pressure. c become the first person to reach supersonic speeds without in a jet or spacecraft. the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound in an also took on the sound barrier again yesterday. chuck yeager took off from base from lase vegas. he was the first person to break barrier 65 years ago. he's now 89. a nice birthday present. >> absolutely. it is 5:42 right now. check on the weather with jacqui jeras. warm start this morning. clouds and a few to creep in. should hold off for the morning commute. you can see a few showers on the doppler radar. line that should be over the state line within an hour or so. 66 degrees right now reagan national, 67 in arlington, 65 sterling, 64 in chantilly. a few thunderstorms possible today and some could be strong today in southern maryland and tow
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responding to a sensor that went f near the u.s.-mexico border. another agent was wounded. fbi reports it may be a case fire.endly shows no one but the agents were involved. family and friends gathered for vigil in arizona on friday. police avenue clue in the search missing a 10-year-old colorado girl. jessica was last seen friday as walked to a parked amid classmates before school. a backpack was found sunday on a sidewalk 6 miles from her home. likely linked to her. it has led investigators to expand their search. 800 volunteers spent the weekend scarring the trails and hillsides. between twoawl wedding parties in philadelphia on take a look. this was crazy. at least 100 people were in a fight that took place at a hotel bar. dozens of officers were called out, hoping to restore order. uncle of one of the brides had a heart attack and died. some were arrested and several taken to an emergency room. it's not clear what started the fight. >> unbelievable. gas prices are unbelievable in california, at an all-time high. average gallon of regular in is $4.66. much higher and some califo
across, through the east? >> reporter: well, tonight, we've already seen new mexico have some isolated hail reports coming out. what's going to happen is, the warm front and the cold front are going to move north and east. dodge city, all the way down into parts of western texas are in the zone that needs to be concerned. but tomorrow, it gets very wide and goes all the way north to minneapolis, south to dallas and that includes chicago and st. louis, for those folks, they have to be ware tomorrow. isolated tornadoes, very strong winds, up to 80 miles an hour and that hail. we'll be watching it on "gma" tomorrow and have all the updates throughout the weekend. >> so, the whole country is going to be effected. thank you so much, ginger. >>> and now, the starting gun sounded today, 74 days until christmas. and, a goliath superstore, today, best buy, gave consumers a new way to save money. now, a number of retail giants are trying to compete and abc's linsey davis explains. >> reporter: the war is on. retail titans fighting for your shopping dollars. putting more power in the hands of all
. >>> engineers at the gulf of mexico are trying to determine the source of a new sheen on the water surface. the oil is leaking from the so-called containment dome which was unsuccessfully used in the crisis and is sitting on the gulf floor. >>> and a stretch of interstate 35 near the oklahoma/kansas border, shut down during a massive dust storm has reopened. the swirling dust created near-blackout seasconditions al the four-lane highway. the worst was a pileup involving more than 30 vehicles. amazingly, there were a couple of injuries but no one was killed. >> thank goodness for that. >>> it is time, now, for the weather from across the nation on this friday. a stormy day on the east coast, with the heaviest rain from maryland to maine. scattered thunderstorms from the carolinas to northern florida. cool with showers but not as windy for minnesota down into illinois. >> 60s and 70s in the rockies. mostly 50s in the central plains and midwest. 80s from new orleans to miami. >>> coming up on this friday morning, a new recall of food. and a new warning about what should be one of the healthie
. >>> some spectacular characters were taking shape over the skies of new mexico. larger than life animals, flowers and rock stars. >> this is the special shapes rodeo at the balloon fiesta in albuquerque. the event didn't disappoint. >>> with that, a look at your morning road conditions. snow-covered passes in the colorado and utah mountains. a wet ride from southern california to vegas and albuquerque. thunderstorms also drench highways from wichita to amaril amarillo. >>> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in los angeles, san diego, san francisco, and vegas. >>> the retired space shuttle "endeavour" is on the move this morning. >> it's begun the two-day journey to its final home at a los angeles museum. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: overnight, the space shuttle "endeavour" began its final journey. "endeavour" left the los angeles airport en route to its retirement home at the california science center. >> i want to see it. >> reporter: it's a terribly complicated move. although "endeavour" is traveling just 12 miles, it's going to take 2 days for the 5-story, 165,
-defying supersonic skydive. the attempt had to be postponed because of high winds at the new mexico launch site. the balloon that carries baumgartner into the stats fear can only take flight if the winds are two miles or below. >>> time for sports and our friends over at espn news. >> welcome to your "sportscenter" update. i'm hooray andres. homer bailey and the reds, trying to sweep the giants. bailey was dealing. six strikeouts. getting blanco. then crawford, then belt again. bailey went seven innings, setting a red's single-game record. top ten. can't handle it. buster posey come on down. giants take a 2-1 lead. the last chance for the reds. grounder. sergio romo makes the throw out. giants win 2-1. game four wednesday. >>> alds game three. tigers looking to sweep the a's. pick it up top two. tigers down 1-2. prince fielder, at the plate. say it ain't so. it ain't so. coco crisp, robbing fielder. he grabbed that one. third to rob prince this year. bottom five, his first career postseason dinger. oakland, up 2-0. top six now. brett anderson facing miguel cabrera. six innings of work, two hits
above the new mexico desert where he opened his capsule, hung his feet out the door, was reminded to unfasten his seatbelt, saluted, and he just jumped right into the record books. he plummeted at an incomprehensible 833 miles an hour, so fast, the only way to see him in this infrared camera. the first human to break the sound barrier with just his body, no jet, no rocket. he tumbled out of control for a few tense seconds, then righted himself and managed to make a sound. it was enough for mom. >> okay, here we go, felix. >> reporter: the ente way up and down, felix heard only one voice. >> that a boy. >> reporter: it was the voice of experience. 84-year-old joe kittinger held the record for the highest free fall for 52 years. today, he talked felix through shattering that record by more than 25,000 feet. >> whoa! >> reporter: high winds delayed liftoff last week, but nothing, it seemed, could keep felix from the stratosphere today. he even returned to earth on his feet with a record that is simply out of this world. >> when you stand up there on the top of the world, you become s
. the contamination has been traced to this factory in new mexico. >> all of the cases investigated are related to peanut products from the one plans. >> they sell both raw and roasted peanuts and make peanut butter brands for trader joe's, target walmart, and whole foods. barbara purchase terpene of butter before it was pulled -- purchased her peanut butter before it was pulled from store shelves. she believes more are at risk. >> i have been feeding peanut butter to my dogs. seriously, this is a big deal. my friend has grand kids and she did not know anything about it. >> you can check the products by going to the fda website. >> we also have for you a list of the hundreds of products included in this peanut recall on our website >> a new study says children are not getting enough sleep. researchers found that getting an average of 27 minutes of additional rest can improve emotions and limit disruptive behavior in class as well. and our more sleep -- >> researchers have more information on where the mysterious eyeball that washed up on florida beaches came from. >> tonight, the unt
that the border patrol agent killed on duty near the arizona/mexico border this week may have been the victim of friendly-fire. nicholas ivie was shot in what's called cocaine alley in arizona. two are around arrest in mexico. sources are looking closely whether ivie was accidentally shot by a fellow officer. >>> and police in san antonio say it is a miracle no one was killed when the school bus you see there plunged 15 feet off of a highway overpass, landing on the doorstep of a hotel. the bus, crashing through the concrete barrier after hitting a car above. two adults and one child was hurt. but they are okay. >>> and first in the very macho world of boxing. fighter orlando cruz has come out and calls himself, and i quote, a proud, gay man. he is the number four featherweight of the world. he had doubts about making the announcement but wants to be true to himself. in advance of a title fight, in fact. >>> finally, beekeepers in eastern france cannot give their honey away today. why? you ask. their bees are producing this, batches of honey in shades of blue and green. it turns out, a nearby
in mexico. our partners at univision, report 57 pref yufsly undiscovered guns connect to fast and furious have now been found at the sites of murders, kidnappings and brutal massacres. >>> breaking news from afghanistan overnight. nato says three of its troops have been killeden a bombing. the interpreter also died. this comes after an american service member was killed over the weekend in a fire fight with afghan troops. abc's mohamed lila reports. >> reporter: some are describing this as a fire fight between american troops and the afghan soldiers they were working alongside. for reasons that aren't yet clear it appears there was some sort of confrontation at one of the many check points that american troops are often stationed at. there was an exchange of gunfire. at first the coalition called it an "insider attack" at the hand of afghan forces. later they said, the taliban might have been involved. now whatever the reason, the 2,000th american killed in afghanistan is a grim milestone. this comes just as we are days away from the 11-year anniversary of combat in afghanistan. and there
the trouble to sunland incorporated, a peanut butter manufacturer in new mexico that sells products in grocery stores across the country. the list of recalled products is 101 items long and includes nut butters made with almonds, cashews and sesame seeds. and it gets worse -- companies like oregon ice cream, and fairy tale brownies which used the recalled nut butter to make cookies and baked goods they're now recalling their products too. >> people have been getting sick over the last month. because there is often a two week delay or so in the reporting time we expect to hear about cases for the next week or two. >> reporter: we should make clear none of this affects moms who choose jiff, skippy or other main brands. we talked with the managers at the peanut butter company in new mexico. they told us they test their product every half-hour, their peanut butter is safe and that the illnesses are a mystery. steve osunsami, abc news. >> affects so many people. we have -- a closet full of peanut butter. >> all right, scary. >> have to get rid of. >> and wondering -- diarrhea, fever, cramping, some
. >> reporter: already crews from the gulf of mexico to iowa are in their trucks, driving to the east coast in front of sandy's wrath. how bad could it be? believe it or not, this guy thinks he has an idea. a researcher at johns hopkins, he's put together a model, predicting, how many of us may lose power. remember, irene left 7 million without power. >> our model suggesting 10 million. >> reporter: roughly 10 million without power for a week or more. if 50 million feel the effects of this, that's 1 in 5, could be without electricity. if you're inland, think again, it could be a bad one. dan and bianna. >> it will go well inland. david kerley, thank you for your reporting. >>> another breaking story we're watching closely. a massive earthquake off the west coast triggered a tsunami warning in hawaii. our worst fears quelled for now at least. on our affiliate reports. >> very serious situation in hawaii earl yi this evening. the civil service calling for a evacuation of the low-lying areas. caused by the 7.7 earthquake in canada. >> they're seeing the waves come in. it's still going to be a
that was killed near the mexico border was likely the victim of friendly-fire. investigators found that 30-year-old nicholas ivie's death and the death of another agent, were probably an accidental shooting by an agent. >>> and american airlines says, all of its boeing 757s will be back in service today. american took all 48 of the jets out of service to fix a problem causing seats to come loose. some of the seats in mid-flight. the airline was forced to cancel dozens of flights to change a bolt that holds down the seats in that aircraft. >>> and conflicting reports out of china this morning about a possible strike at a factory that makes the new iphone. the manufacturer foxconn is denying that workers have walked out. saying production has not been interrupted. this follows a report by a labor watch group claiming as many as 4,000 workers are striking because of increased quality control demands. >>> and a massive car pileup on a florida highway has left dozens of people injured. there were 12 crashes involving 47 vehicles. 54 people were injured, 2 critically. the accident shut down a stretch
'm not anti-immigrant. my father was born in mexico. my wife's father was born in wales. they came to this country. the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. don't use a term like that. >> a very forceful performance by mitt romney. what did you learn by that performance that president obama needs to know? >> my wife said if he were as prepared and aggressive with obama as he was -- i won a lot of debates. when it finally came down to the crunch, he did what he had to do. he was very aggressive. he was very assertive. what was a surprise was not that he was as good as he was. people underestimate him. this guy went to harvard business school and harvard law school simultaneously. he's a very hard-working, very methodical person. what surprised me was the emptiness on the other side. what made that debate so startling, romney was better than people expected. and owe what was unbelievably less capable than people expected. it was the matchup that made it extraordinary. one of the points craig shirley made on the 1980 campaign, that may be the one place where clearly the debate w
arrested in mexico yesterday may be linked to the attack. but investigators are not ruling out possibility that he may have been accidentally shot by a fellow officer. meanwhile, ivy is being remembered fondly by his family. >> he lived his life as a life of service. everything from his mission, signing up for -- volunteer, emt in utah. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano is heading to arizona today to express her condolences to the ivy family. she is meeting with authorities about the investigation. >>> well, also following a political story developing overnight. mitt romney now says his comments about the 47% of americans who don't pay income taxes were "just completely wrong." that is a major reversal. up until now, romney stood by comments saying they were not elegantly stated. on the campaign trail yesterday, romney tried to take advantage of his strong showing in this week's debate. >> he will raise taxes on small business which will kill jobs. i instead want to keep taxes down on small business, so we can create jobs. >> the real mitt romney has been running around the c
an extreme human cannonball, no thank you, and head straight toward the new mexico desert. >> reporter: the plan, years in the making is simply astounding. felix baumgartner will try to make a supersonic stratospheric jump leaping from 23 miles high breaking the sound barrier at speeds 700 miles an hour. baumgartner, a former austrian paratrooper says he is ready for the extreme challenge. >> we practiced this for so many years. and now we are almost there. so this is my biggest dream. and we are one step closer and almost there. i feel good at the moment. >> reporter: along with his nerves of steel, the mission requires cutting edge kameequip, he'll strap on a helmet, special suit and lift off from roswell in a 3,000-pound cable and a bag, balloon with 30 million cubic feet of helium, the skin thinner than a zip-lock baggy. stretching 55 stories high, it is so huge it would cover 40 acres if laid flat. the ride up to reach 120,000 feet will take close to three hours, and then with the sky black and the curve of earth in sight, the moment of truth. >> that one step forward is an import
at the annual hot air balloon fiesta in new mexico. the winds pick up. and you see the result. hard landings. people tumbling out of their baskets. some balloons, you can see here, got stuck in power lines. thousands of people nearby lost power. no serious injuries, though, to report. >>> and finally, the highest-paid player in all of baseball, alex rodriguez has been struggling late. down by one run in a big playoff game, the yankees benched him in favor of 40-year-old raul ibanez. and guess what happened in the ninth inning. get out of here. a shot to right, bottom nine, ties the game against baltimore. and then, guess what happened in the 12th inning. as people here are still struggling home, i unfortunately stayed up for every pitch. i'm working on reserves right now. the yanks go home winners. also, the a's win in dramatic fashion. st. louis, san francisco also wins. playoff baseball has officially arrived. >> you have to love that finish. >> it was great. >> it really was. >>> the race for the white house. and with 26 days to go, it's time for the next big debate. the v.p. candidates s
or the atlantic or in the gulf of mexico. but look at what was happening outside of cleveland, ohio. guys trying to catch fresh water mavericks yesterday. had to be chased out of the water. there will be nowhere near the flooding devastation. but a lot of downed trees in the midwest. a lot of broken power lines, school consolations. those in the midwest, get a taste of what it's like. >>> and the epicenter of this presidential campaign, hard to believe it's a week away. the coverage of that has been swamped by sandy and the superstorm. want to go to jake tapper. this has scrambled the campaign, and dozens of events by both candidates has been canceled. >> that's right. president obama was here in orlando yesterday, but left before his own rally, to go back and monitor the storm coverage. we're told he stayed abreast of the situation. he watched the storm coverage on television, like much of us, throughout the night. he spoke with the governors of the states that were hardest hit. cuomo from new york, christie of new jersey. and also talked to the mayors of new york city and atlantic city. talked
texas. showers, thunderstorms from southern cali to new mexico. 4 to 8 inches of snow in the rockies. you can get your ski on. showers from seattle to portland. chilly blast in the midwest. as well as northeast. >> sound a little bit like paula dean. >> paula dean. you know i like me some mbacon wrapped mac and cheese. >>> mostly 70s from finphoenix billings. >>> for the first time in one month, our friend robin roberts enjoying comforts of home and fresh air. >> look at that. robin celebrated with family, friend, hospital staff as she was released from the hospital. following the bone marrow transplant for the rare blood disorder she suffers from. robin's doctors say the first big step in the road to recovery. she still need time to rebelled her immune system and get it back up. >> robin plans to get plenty of rest until she gets the all clear. meantime, a string of celebrity guest hosts are keeping her seat warm at the "gma" anchor desk. can't wait to have her back, healthy. she looks beautiful. >> thinking of you, robin. congratulations. >>> the funniest things we have seen from v
cheetos are under fire. school districts in california and new mexico are trying to ban them. and illinois and rockford public schools where they used to sell 150,000 bags of flamin' hots each year, are off the menu. >> if children want to bring in snacks that are high in fat and calories, that's their choice. they can do that. >> reporter: school officials say the concern is their nutritional value or lack thereof. each of the snack-sized bags contains 26 grams of fat. and a quarter of the sodium recommended for the entire day. and on top of the artificial coloring and flavoring, they are highly addictive. and there may be science behind it. >> our brain is hard-wired to find things like fat and salt really rewarding. now, we have foods that have them in such high levels that could trigger an addictive process. >> reporter: dr. ashley gearhart says children are more susceptible because their bodies are developing. frito lay, which makes and sells cheetos, tells abc news, it is committed to responsible and ethical marketing practices, which includes not marketing our products to children a
dad was born in mexico of american parents, ann's dad was born in wales, first generation american. we welcome legal immigrants into the country. i want our legal system to work better. i want it to be streamlined. i want it to be clearer. i don't think you shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get into this country legally. i also think that we should give visas to people, green cards, rather, to people who graduate with skills that we need. people around the world with a credited degrees in science and math, get a green card stapled to their diploma. come to the u.s. of a. we should make sure our legal system works, number two, we'll have to stop illegal immigration. there are 4 million people who are waiting in line to get here legally. those who have come here illegally take their place. i will not grant amnesty to those who came here illegally and put in place an employment verification system and make sure employers who hire people who come here illegally are sanctioned for doing so. i won't put in place magnets for people coming here illegally so would not give dr
, where are you from? >> albuquerque, new mexico. >> thank you very much. it's pierogi day? today's pierogi day? let's get to the happy pierogi day. we're going to start with the rain on the eastern seaboard. it's more south earlier. by nighttime the rain is in d.c. and continues up the coastline. and most of the nation is dry. all that air in the northwest is going to get a knockdown. look at l.a., 77 today. a very good morning to you, morning sunshine this but another system will swing by today. showers for the afternoon but nothing heavy. it will be cooled with temperatures only in the mid 50's. with light's tonight rain possible. tomorrow, it will become sunny and the temperature will little and the highest week will >> congratulations to robin and mike who got engaged last night. robin if mike's still sleeping, that's a good sign. that's a good sign. inside to lara. >> wow. you'll explain that later, sam. >>> but first here's what goes coming uppen the morning menu. nicole scherzinger is opening up. and melrose monday, a surprise visit from one of the original stars live here
surviving two months in the wilderness of new mexico, no food, lots of coyotes to contend with. his owner there had given up hope until he got a call the oh day, from the company that monitors those pets tracking chips. the twice under romeo's skin had worked. a state park worker tracked him down. the joy that -- i can't imagine it. >> some love there. >> a 15-year-old dog is home again. >> that's great. >> yes, it is. >> thank you. >> loving members of our family, aren't they? >> they are, lara. >> thank you, josh. >>> let's get to "pop news." good morning. john mayer, why the long face? come on, pal. it's your 35th birthday. you're young. >> look at his face. >> you're successful. and being treated to dinner by katy perry. most men would be kicking up their heels. but john had the birthday blues during his entire date night. >> i like the look. i think that's a cute look. he can get away with a lot. let's not bury the lead here. the superstars have kept their relationship status under wraps. we have to talk about it daily on "gaa" because i kind of did. >> i know there's no follow-up. >
of it near the u.s./mexico border. >> it appears the relationship had been on the rocks for a period of time. there was a possible divorce in the offing. a lot of money involved with this relationship, as well as both families. >> reporter: police grew suspicious when qui chadwick never picked her kids up aed the bus stop. when authorities went to the home, there were signs of a struggle. a scene so gruesome, they believed qui was dead. they have not recovered the body but arrested chadwick, four miles from the border, after he called san diego police. >> mr. chadwick was in his car for about 18 hours with the body. so, it could be anywhere in southern california right now. >> reporter: california highway patrol officer was tailing chadwick's car south. and said no other passengers were in the car. his story doesn't add up. >> there's a lot of forensic evidence we recovered. there's a series of witnesses that have been interviewed. we're very confident when the facts come out in court, it's going to be very clear. >> reporter: chadwick's attorney won't comment. his client is currently being
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